Demoday 2019

(26-04-2019) At the demoday, our computer science students had the chance to show some creative designs that might be changing our world soon!

 Some innovative things were presented in a pitch and demo here.  Congratulations to Aurora for winning the competition and receiving the highest (fake) amount of funding from the judges, audience and their peers.

An overview

  • Aurora

In the future, will we be able to easily translate PDf's, txt, interactive mobile designs with plugins such as souschef that makes following recipes easypeasy.


  • Sign for one anothersign for one another

Teach children sign language in a dynamic and low-cost way by letting them copy the teacher on screen and getting immediate feedback on the motion.






  • Revision

Volleybal referees beware, this easy to use and low-cost app will help to see if the ball is in or out.


  • Open SpaceOpenSpace

Full trains or metro, no place to sit down or... not that we know of!  We've all been there.  What if help is on the way and you can easily  find out where the last empty seats are on the train?





Black sun

  • The black sun

Do you want to arrange your own private drone show?  No need for expensive support, the black sun helps you create the perfect drone swarm arrangement with an convenient interface.


  • EduplatEduplat

Adaptive learning, it's definitely the way of the future.  These students created a personalized and educational platform for students to learn coding at their own pace.





  • Pace your pulse Pace your pulse

Step up your running workout!  Pace your Pulse is helping you reach your desired heart rate during your run by modifying the rhythm of your music. It also provides neat reviews of your performance.