Dwengo robotcompetition 2019

Robotcompetitie 2019 (large view)

Robotcompetitie 2019

(25-04-2019) 2019, time for a new robot competition! Prof. Francis Wyffels from ELIS welcomed many enthousiasts at the kickoff event of the 12th edition of the biggest sumo robot competition.

The kick-off session on 19 February gave an overview of the goal, including the rules and a basic explanation of what a robot is and how students can start building.

Then  everyone has the opportunity to register, purchase and solder the necessary components. Afterwards,  a few sessions are organized, such as help with hands-on soldering session, programming  and a theoretical session about sensors and how to program robots is offered. We explain what sensor types can be used, how the output of these sensors can be interpreted and what functionality is available in the programming framework.

We have observed that students from secondary education and students without background in electronics and little programming experience are able to understand the concepts in this theoretical session and apply them to their robot. This theoretical knowledge can then be applied to the their robots in the following four (again two times two) guided sessions.

Right before the competition itself an extra session is offered, during which students test their robot and solve the last few problems. During all sessions, Dwengo volunteers are available to help the students