ELEVATE -project kicked off

(11-04-2019) In January, a new Horizon 2020 project was launched: ELEVATE. The aim is the development of a human papilloma virus-(HPV) self-testing device that can yield rapid, easy-to-understand results against low costs.

An ELIS/CMST team is participating as research partner in ELEVATE, but also as part of the UGent coordination team, together with UZGent/ICRH. The test aims to rely on self-sampling to detect and identify both the human papilloma virus- the main cause of cervical cancer- and cancer biomarker proteins. In this way, women will obtain via a single test a more complete and specific view on their risk of developing cervical cancer, such that a clear follow-up path can immediately be defined together with the health care worker.

This new test and approach for cervical cancer screening is meant to facilitate screening in hard-to-reach populations in Europe and Latin America. The test will combine self-sampling with a new low-cost, portable measurement device and will be validated in dedicated screening trials in Belgium, Brazil, Ecuador, and Portugal.  

More information: Prof. Jan Vanfleteren (CMST) (Jan.Vanfleteren@UGent.be)

The project is supported by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Action, project number 825747.