ELIS and INTEC organize a Dutch language course on campus A

(18-12-2018) The possibility of attending the Dutch language course for foreign researchers was received with a lot of enthusiasm.

This initiative aims to encourage non-Dutch speaking colleagues to learn Dutch and therefore the courses were organized on campus A, in Zwijnaarde.  The knowledge of the Dutch language not only helps to get familiar with the Flemish culture, but it is also important to improve conversations among colleagues and it also offers the possibility to engage foreign language students in courses taught in Dutch.

The initial group soon reached its maximum size and a waiting list was created for people who could not join but were still interested in this course. This may be planned again in the 2nd semester or the new academic year.  28 people enrolled for this course.

The lessons were organized twice a week and this for 10 weeks (in total 40 hours). The final test took place on 12 December, but the results are not yet known. The course was partly financed by DPO and partly by departments ELIS and INTEC. The course can be registered by phd students as a transferable skill course in the curriculum of the Doctoral Schools.

A follow-up course, Level 2, will be organized.  In addition to ELIS and Intec staff who passed for Level 1, staff from other departments / faculties working on campus A will also be able to participate.