First 2LinK² congress for computer science and STEM teachers: the need for digital competence among young people

(14-06-2019) On 13 June '19, iGent was happy to welcome many teachers specialized in informatics or STEM education. during an event organized for the 1st time by 2LinK².

The association for computer science and STEM teachers, 2LinK², organized its first conference in Ghent on Computational thinking within computer science and STEM.

From 1 September 2019,  IT and STEM teachers of the secondary schools will have to add Digital competency and media literacy to the curriculum.  The 2LinK² congress wants to support them in this with numerous fascinating lectures and workshops.  Aiming to offer activating ways to teachers, teacher trainers and academics  to tackle, among other things, computational thinking in the classroom, both within the computer science course and within the STEM courses.

In this first conference, keynote speaker Prof. dr. Ann Dooms (VUB) explained her research on images and mathematics in order to inspire participants to get started with IT sciences.  Afterwards there were  optional workshops such as

  • a demo about creating and programming a Phenakisticoop with art education students;
  • getting started with KIKS, a project for the 3rd stage of secondary education, on climate change and counting stomata in plants using A.I .;
  • working with DodonaEdu, a platform to automatically evaluate programming exercises during the lessons;
  • a CS-unplugged session where participants get to work physically;


In the final plenary session, representatives from the Catholic Education association and GO! explained how to approach computational thinking in the classroom.
It was an intense, active and inspiring day. The program can be found on the 2LinK2 website.

Enthusiastic teachers inspired their colleagues for three sessions and learned how to make students enthusiastic about technology and 21st-century skills.

More information about 2LinK² and the congress? Contact organizer Annick Van Daele by phone (0478 31 54 39 or e-mail ).