Collen-Francqui inaugural lecture: "Medicine meets (bio-)engineering"

(03-04-2018) Jay Humphrey, professor at the renowned university of Yale, gave the inaugural lecture in the framework of the Collen-Francqui chair 2017-2018 on March 13.

Together with colleagues from KU Leuven, Jos Van Der Sloten and Nele Famaey, Patrick Segers successfully applied for a Francqui chair and this for prof. Jay Humphrey, leading scientist in cardiovascular biomechanics and especially in the cross-talk between biomechanics and biology, the mechano-biology. 

Prof. Jay Humphrey

His research aims to understand how the biology of cells and tissues drives/is driven by mechanical stimuli.  He uses genetic, pharmacologic and surgical models to elucidate mechanisms that underlie diverse vascular diseases and develops theoretical frameworks for the understanding of vascular disease progression and the design of clinical interventions.  he uses computational models to design and evaluate tissue engineered vascular grafts based on concepts of mechano biology and immuno-biology.

His work has found its way in close to 300 journal papers, 30 books and contributions in books. He has mentored numerous master, PhDs and postdocs and acquired close to 30 million USD in research funding. Among the many awards and honors, Jay received the prestigious H.R. Lissner Medal of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering - Bioengineering Division in 2011 and he was chair of the Technical program of the World Conference of Biomechanics in 2014, the most important conference in biomechanical engineering.   He has been professor at the University of Maryland between 1987 and 1998, at the Texas A&M University from 1999 until 2010, and since 2010 at Yale University where he now holds the John C Malone professor and chair in the department of biomedical engineering. 

It was a tremendous honour to welcome prof. Jay D. Humphrey at our university.


 More pictures of the event can be found here: