IDLab welcomes professor Nilesh Madhu


Prof. Nilesh Madhu, IDLab
Prof. Nilesh Madhu, IDLab
ELIS welcomes a new professor in the IDLab research group.

Professor Nilesh Madhu is originally from Mumbai. He received a DAAD-Siemens scholarship for a Master of Science in Communications Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. Subsequently, he worked at the Ruhr-University Bochum on his doctoral dissertation titled ‘Acoustic Source Localization: Algorithms, Applications and Extensions to Source Separation’. Following his PhD, he chose to accept a postdoc position at the KULeuven and, in the meantime, lost his heart to Belgium. After his post-doc he worked at NXP Semiconductors (Leuven) in the Mobile Audio Systems division. Nilesh leaves his last position as principal researcher at NXP behind to embark on a new career here at Ghent University.



The focus of Nilesh Madhu's research lies in the field of statistical signal processing. Looking to the future he would like to translate his research into innovations in healthcare, IoT, communication, ..., to benefit the society at large. Soon, he will also be conducting the course 'Signal Processing', meant for the 3rd year bachelor's students.


More information on the research of Prof. Madhu in IDLab: