IMEC helps Empowering Citizens To Transform European Public Administrations

(01-09-2017) The CITADEL project chose an IMEC tool: 'DataTank' to develop a public service co-creation by citizens and helping governments improve the e-services.

CITADEL is a H2020 European project that is creating an ecosystem of best practices, tools, and recommendations to transform Public Administrations (PAs) via an inclusive approach in order to provide stakeholders with more efficient, inclusive and citizen-centric services. The CITADEL ecosystem will allow PAs to use what they already know plus new data to implement what really matters to citizens in order to shape and co-create more efficient and inclusive public services. CITADEL innovates by using ICTs to find out why citizens stop using public services, and use this information to re-adjust provision to bring them back in. Also, it identifies why citizens are not using a given public service (due to affordability, accessibility, lack of knowledge, embarrassment, lack of interest, etc.) and, where appropriate, use this information to make public services more attractive, so they start using the services.
As a contributing partner in CITADEL, IMEC will provide the overall architectural design of the CITADEL ecosystem. The DataTank, a tool designed and developed by IMEC’s IDLab, will be extended to provide the data Harvesting/Curation/Fusion (HCF) component of the platform. The DataTank provides an open source, open data platform which not only allows publishing datasets according to standardised guidelines and taxonomies (DCAT-AP), but also transforms the data into a variety of reusable formats. This allows civil servants to publish data in an almost effortless manner, with maximum impact in terms of visibility. Using this platform civil servants will see their open datasets automatically being crawled by other aggregation portals (a.o., the EU open data portal) because of the DCAT-AP compliance. The extension will include an intelligent way of harvesting and fusion of different data sources using semantics and Linked Data mapping technologies developed by IDLab. In the context of CITADEL the new HCF component will enable the visualization and analysis of trends for the usage of public services in European cities, playing a key role in generating personalized recommendations to the citizens as well as to PAs in terms of suggesting improvements to the current suite of public services.
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