A new joint master program in Photonics with National Sun Yat Sen University

(07-04-2020) A joint workshop was organized between Ghent University and National Sun Yat Sen University, Tawain (NSYSU) on March 12th 2020.

The intention of the joint master program is to strengthen collaboration in research and education between the two universities in the field of Marine Technology, Biomedical Sciences and Photonics.  Already for several years, a strong collaboration in liquid crystal research is ongoing between the research groups of prof. Kristiaan Neyts and prof. Jeroen Beeckman from UGent and prof. Tsung-Hsien Lin from NSYSU. The collaboration in research has also resulted in the signature of a joint master program. From next academic year, a joint (1+1) master program in photonics will start in which students from UGent and NSYSU will study one year in each country in order to obtain a double degree.