LCP research featured on the cover of Applied Physics Letters

(26-01-2018) Research by ELIS researchers Chun-Ta Wang, Inge Nys, Kristiaan Neyts and Jeroen Beeckman got the attention of the editor of Applied Physics Letters.

Coverpage Applied PhysicsDr. Chun-Ta Wang,  focused his research at Ghent University on a technique that allows a laser to electrically switch the emission wavelength, simply by applying a voltage of 20 V.  Dr. Wang is a Taiwanese researcher who spent one year as visiting postdoc in the Liquid Crystals and Photonics Group of the ELIS department.
The research article that emerged from this international collaboration, “Electrically assisted bandedge mode selection of photonic crystal lasing in chiral nematic liquid crystals”, was cover news for the latest edition of Applied Physics Letters, Volume 112, Issue 4, 15 January 2018, .

The importance of this result was highlighted by the editorial staff in the following news item: .