Prof. Steven Verstockt honored with Werner Weber award at Euromed2018

(07-11-2018) Early November 2018 prof. Steven Verstockt, ELIS research group IDLab, was honored with the Werner Weber award for Best Full paper at Euromed 2018.

The paper "UGESCO - A hybrid platform for geo-temporal enrichment or digital photo collections based on computational and crowdsourced metadata generation" discusses the general structure of the UGESCO platform in the framework of the UGESCO project.
The UGESCO project
The UGESCO project engages an interdisciplinary team of Flemish and Walloon researchers and is supported by a specific Federal Scientific Institution (FSI), CegeSoma, which hosts the collections on which the spatio-temporal enrichment and crowdsourced metadata strategy will be implemented.
Because the majority of digital collections at the FSIs  still have (meta)data issues affecting the exploration, interpretation and exploitation of their content. The coherence between the collection items and their searchability is rather limited, which sometimes makes it difficult to generate scientific value out of it. 

The UGESCO project will develop geo-temporal (meta)data extraction and enrichment tools to extend and link the existing collection items and facilitate spatio-temporal collection mapping for interactive querying. 

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