Sarton Medal 2018 awarded to prof. Glenn Shafer

(14-12-2018) Dec. 13 2018. Prof. dr. Glenn Shafer (Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick, USA), nominated by ELIS prof. Gert De Cooman, was honored with the Sarton Medal.



Prof. Shafer gave a Sarton lecture on 'Did Blaise Pascal and Christiaan Huygens provide a game-theoretic foundation for probability?'

The originality of Pascal's, Fermat's, and Huygens's work on mathematical probability in the 1650s is often exaggerated. Fermat's method of dividing stakes, which counted equally likely cases, had already been part of Europe's learned tradition for centuries. The game-theoretic foundations provided by Pascal and Huygens had their own antecedents in the tradition of commercial arithmetic. The success of Pascal's and Huygens's foundations for Fermat's methods can be seen as a merger of the learned and commercial traditions, set against the backdrop of the larger merger represented by the 17th century's use of algebra to reconstruct the mathematics of the ancients. This success is renewed by the modern game-theoretic foundation for probability, which supports modern measure-theoretic methods just as Pascal's and Huygens's foundations supported Fermat's methods. 

Uitreiking Sarton medal  

 Faculty Dean Patrick De Baets, awarded the Sarton medal.   We were honored to have welcomed prof. Shafer as our guest at Ghent University.