Utopia - science workshops for kids

(22-06-2018) With a mobile studio full of materials, we tour the streets of Ghent for a whole summer. We want to let the youngest residents of the Ghent neighborhoods taste the 'beauty' of art and science.

'Utopia, a testing ground with art and science for children'.

Both artists and scientists are fascinated by the exploration of the world. They ask questions and are confronted with contemporary problems. In order to be able to formulate meaningful answers to these problems, they draw on research. Each has developed specific ways of looking at the world, of searching and of research.

At the mobile studio, we want to explore this arsenal of research methods and techniques together with the kids. The studio is therefore not aimed at the production of artworks or the transfer of scientific knowledge in itself. The focus lies in the exploration of different research methods and techniques of the researcher, who can be both an artist and a scientist.

The mobile studio is looking for researchers who want to share their research process with children (6 to 12 year olds) in an active, approachable and enthusiastic way. This can be done through an assignment, a workshop, a demonstration, an experiment etc.

English speaking researchers should team up with a Dutch speaking colleague for the workshop.

The workshops are starting from Sunday, July 1, all through summer holidays.


  • Sunday 1 July - Buurtfeest Gazomundo (Gasklokstraat, Gent)
  • Monday 9 July -  De Kinderplaneet (Kiekenstraat 4 bis, Gent)
  • Tuesday 10 July - Dracuna (Dracenastraat 8a, Gent)
  • Wednesday 11 July - De Wasserette (Wasstraat 29, Gent)
  • Thursday 12 July - JOC Gentbrugge (Claragoed 2, Gent)
  • Friday 13 July - Bernadette (Sint-Bernadettestraat 258, Gent)


  • Monday 6 August - Londenplein (Bombaystraat 1, Gent)
  • Tuesday 7 August - Appartementen Scandinaviëstraat (Afrikalaan)
  • Wednesday 8 August - Zonder-Naampark (Zondernaamstraat, Gent)
  • Thursday 9 August - Heldenplein Malem (Heldenplein, Gent)
  • Friday 10 August - Tolhuispark (Tolhuislaan 80, Gent)
  • Monday 13 August - Lokaal Dienstencentrum De Knoop (Hundelgemsesteenweg 125, Ledeberg)
  • Tuesday 14 August - Biezenpark (Biezenstuk, Gent)
  • Thursday 16 August  - Blaisantvest (Opgeëistenlaan 455 , Gent)
  • Friday 17 August - El Paso (Gebroeders Desmetstraat 108, Gent

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