Visit of Dr. Fubo Zhang (ELIS 1996), CTO of China Skycloud Software

(29-04-2019) Dr. Fubo Zhang, CTO of China Skycloud Software, visited ELIS and the HPC center of UGent on April 25th 2019.

Fubo ZhangFubo Zhang graduated in computer science of the Fudan University in Shanghai. Shortly thereafter he joined the parallel processing research group of the ELIS department to work on compilers for high performance computing. The parallel processing team developed the “VPS” or Virtual Processor System to accelerate numerical computations. Fubo’s input was the Fortran Parallel Transformer, focusing on transforming programs with irregular jumps (e.g. goto’s in LINPACK)  into a regular form amenable to parallelization. After obtaining his PhD in 1996 he joined the “Platform Computing” company in Toronto, to work on  computing cluster management software. When the company was acquired by IBM in 2011, Fubo Zhang became a founding member of the Beijing Cloud Base Venture Incubator and served as general manager and CTO of the Tianyun Software company. His company aims at becoming one of the leading cloud system software and solution experts in China. According to Fubo the growing complexity of cloud-based architectures enforces the need for an open ended management platform, e.g. the Skyform ECP (Elastic Computing Platform)  orchestrating cloud services in many layers.


Fubo Zhang was impressed by the dynamic evolution and expansion of the computer science engineering department (as well as the move from the “Technicum” to iGent). He welcomes a further cooperation with UGent and was particularly attracted to the CoScale performance monitoring software developed by ELIS researchers as well as the vision on the future of computing developed by the HiPEAC researchers network.