The main focus of the Clifford Research Group is the study of quantum integrable systems constructed using Clifford algebras. In that context, a crucial role is played by the Dirac operator and its various deformations and extensions. Symmetries of such operators can typically be organized to form remarkable algebraic structures and are an important topic of current research. Another theme of interest in the Clifford Research Group is the representation theory of Lie (super)algebras and the various orthogonal polynomials and special functions that appear in this context.

We also organize regular seminars for guest speakers and members of the research group. Information about our activities, seminars and topics for bachelor and master theses related to our research can be found below.

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Current research topics

  • Harmonic analysis
  • Askey-Wilson, Bannai-Ito and Racah algebras: generalizations and related multivariate polynomials
  • Analysis on superspaces and supermanifolds
  • Generalized integral transforms of Fourier and Radon type
  • Representations of Lie superalgebras and minimal representations
  • Clifford distributions, distributional boundary value problems, Clifford differential forms
  • Invariant differential operators, complexes of Dirac operators
  • Clifford analysis: discrete, symplectic, Hermitian, higher spin Dirac operators
  • Image and data processing using hypercomplex algebras