Data Science Lab (DSLab)

The Data Science Lab is a research group of Ghent University with a particular focus on machine learning, information retrieval, multimedia computing, exploratory data mining, data modelling and visualization, knowledge and reasoning, coding and information theory, robotics and control, and the use of high performance computing for these tasks.

The Data Science Lab has world-leading expertise in the entire data value chain, from data acquisition, storage, representation and coding, to mining and learning from data, and finally valorization. Reflecting this, we are engaged in a wide range of activities, including fundamental/basic research, applied research, and contract-based research as well as consultancy for industrial partners.

The Data Science Lab research group is the integration of the former research groups Multimedia Lab, SySTEMS, and Reservoir Lab, and is embedded in the Department of Electronics and Information Systems of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University. The Data Science Lab is also part of the iMinds research institute.


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