Hubs for Circularity (H4C)

The Processes4Planet initiative, a European partnership launched by A.SPIRE, envisions circularity in Europe by interconnecting process industries and adding urban areas. The concept of hubs for circularity (H4C), introduced by P4Planet, is a key pillar in Europe’s roadmap towards achieving the circular and climate objectives in the Green Deal. H4Cs aim to bring industrial and urban stakeholders together to close resource loops, with urban-industrial symbiosis and circular solutions as core elements. The development of such hubs will facilitate the implementation and advance the ambition of climate neutrality by 2050, by exchanging resources, waste streams, energy and more. 

UGent role

ECM research focuses on identifying regional clusters with high potential for H4C to foster industrial symbiosis and involve a maximum number of industries and cities across Europe. With an open scope, the research involves prioritising energy and materials KPIs for defining symbiosis in industrial and district clusters, developing methodologies and tools, and generating facts and figures to understand the present and future potential of H4Cs.


ECM closely collaborates with P4Planet and the A.SPIRE Hubs4Circularity Task Force.


prof. dr. ir. Greet Van Eetvelde
Francisco Mendez (doctoral researcher)
Rob De Boever (thesis student 2021)