Simulation of distribution networks

The developed distribution network has been used to test the influence of the way in which nonlinear loads are simulated. The nonlinear loads in the network have been simulated in the time domain. The total harmonic distortion (THD) of the voltage in the distribution network has been compared to the situation where the nonlinear loads are replaced by constant harmonic current sources. This way, the effects of attenuation and diversity on the voltage THD have been explained. The effects of different system parameters on the voltage THD have also been investigated. There has been observed that fixed current sources gave rise to overestimation of the voltage THD by some 20%.

Due to the harmonic distortion extra losses are generated in the distribution network. The model that has been developed will be used to quantify these losses and devide them in line losses and transformer losses. The influence of converter-based renewable generation, with a damping behaviour on the harmonic losses, will be elaborated on in the near future.


Relevant publications

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