Mobility programmes

Information sessions

The university and the faculty organize several information sessions for students interested in an international experience.


The best known mobility programme is probably Erasmus+. Within this programme, you can study at a European partner institution for a semester or a year, with complete transition of your study programme abroad, and even a scholarship to top it off.

In Switzerland

Officially, Switzerland is not a part of Erasmus+. However, it is still a possible destination with the same rules and procedures. Only the system for scholarships is different. Scholarships for Switzerland are paid by the partner institutions themselves and vary from € 300 to € 350 per month in 2014-2015.

In Belgium or outside of Europe

Similar to Erasmus+, exchange in Belgium (Erasmus Belgica) or outside of Europe is also possible.

European and international masters

Students can choose a European or international master. Our faculty organizes 5 such master's programmes.


The Board of European Students of Technology, BEST (externe link), organises short term courses in Europe. This gives you the chance to experience an exchange for a short period of time (typically 1 week), without having a complete study programme abroad.


IAESTE (externe link) offers international traineeships during summer holidays or nafter graduation. Portugal, Brazil, Australia and Japan are just some of the possible destinations.


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