Corporate style for PhD dissertations

Elements of the corporate style

Obligatory rules

    • A fixed format: a width of 16 cm, height 24 cm;
    • Style of the cover (zip):
      • The book-block is covered by a solid non-plasticised inside cover;
      • The dust jacket is produced in accordance with a design by prof. Paul Robbrecht ("Robbrecht and Daem Architects"):
        • Every doctoral candidate chooses one colour combination from the available set of six.
        • The print of the dust jacket is realised according to fixed style rules (use of a fixed font 'Gill Sans', fixed position of the title, etc. …
      • Inclusion of the UGent logo on the front of the dissertation;
      • Mention of the author and the title on the back of the dissertation;
      • Mention of the statement ‘Design: Robbrecht en Daem Architects' on the backside of the dust jacket.
    • Assignment of an ISBN number;
    • Assignment of a legal depository number;
    • Mention of the ISBN number, the NUR code(s) and the legal depository number on the verso side of the first inside page of the book-block.

      Voluntary style rules

      It is recommended but not obligatory to respect the following style rules.

      • The text mentioned on the recto side of the first inside page is identical to the text mentioned on the front cover of the dust jacket. The recto side of the second inside page enumerates the names of the supervisors and the title of the department where the research was carried out. On this page it is also possible to indicate how the doctoral research was funded (UGent, IWT-Vlaanderen, FWO-Vlaanderen, European Union, funding by companies, etc.). The logos of FEA and the departments(s) concerned can be shown on this page.
      • The next pages contain the expression of thanks, a table of contents and a list with the most frequently used symbols and abbreviations (and their meanings).

      Practical information

      Applying for an ISBN number

      For each doctoral dissertation an ISBN number is applied for via the Boekenbank. The ISBN numbers are assigned to the series "Faculty of Engineering Ghent University". The application is submitted electronically and is followed up by the Dean’s Office. The assignment of an ISBN number (by the Boekenbank) takes 4 working days to be completed.

      Since the ISBN number has to be mentioned on the verso side of the first page of the doctoral dissertation, the doctoral candidate has to present himself no later than 4 working days before the production of the book-blocks via In order to apply for the ISBN number the following data are needed:

      • The title of the dissertation;
      • The date of publication;
      • The requested NUR code of the doctoral dissertation.

      The production of dust jackets

      The doctoral candidate is responsible for the production of the concrete book-blocks. The doctoral candidate is not responsible, however, for the production of the dust jackets. He/she is responsible for reporting the following information to, as soon as this information is available:

      • The requested colour combination for the dust jacket and the number of required dust jackets;
      • The title of the dissertation;
      • The name of the doctoral candidate and the names of the supervisor(s);
      • The diploma to be obtained (e.g. Doctor of Civil Engineering: Construction);
      • The department where the research was carried out;
      • The academic year in which the doctoral diploma will be awarded.

      As soon as the book-blocks are available (including the solid non-plasticised inside cover), the doctoral candidate hands in one copy in the Dean’s Office. At that moment the production of the dust jackets can be started. The completed dust jackets can be collected by the doctoral candidate from the Dean’s office 4 days after the handing in of the book-block.

      Public visibility of the UGent FEA doctoral dissertations

      The faculty wishes to give maximal visibility to doctoral dissertations defended within the FEA. That is why the doctoral candidate is requested to make available to the faculty 3 extra copies of the dissertation in addition to the copies handed in for the doctoral exam proper:

      • one copy that will be shown in a publicly visible showcase within the Plateau building and that will later be shown in a showcase in the meeting room Simon Stevin;
      • two copies that will be given in depot to the Royal Library (located in Brussels).

      Costs and payment

      The fee for the application of an ISBN number amounts to € 20.55. This fee will be paid from the budget allocated annually to the faculty Public Relations Committee.

      The cost connected to the production of the dust jackets will be borne by doctoral candidate (or his promoter, research group, department …) and amounts to € 5.24 per cover.

      The price (without VAT) covers the production cost of a complete dust jacket, including printing costs in quadri, plasticising, and the creasing and cutting of the dust jackets. The corresponding invoices will be sent directly to the doctoral candidate (or to his or her promoter, research group, department …)


      In order to ensure that the fully completed doctoral dissertations (including the dust jackets) will be available at the time of the public defence of the dissertation, the following timing is taken as a starting point:



      Application of an ISBN number

      15 working days before the public defence

      Production of book-blocks

      10 working days before the public defence

      The submission of one fully completed book-block (text dissertation covered by a solid non-plasticised inside cover)

      6 working days before the public defence

      Download the covers

      PhD dissertation covers FEA (zip)