“Europe is not just a place, we call it home! Wherever we travel, a familiar face awaits!”

(13-03-2023) In the beginning of March the European BEST Engineering Competition Challenge took place here in Ghent and the students had an amazing time!

There were 2 categories, a case study about methane reduction in our biosphere  and an innovative design task where the students had to optimise the life cycle of a heat pump with as goal decarbonization. We wish the two teams that won the best of luck in Delft, where the Benelux round will be held!

As we are preparing for next year and the future of BEST Ghent, we would like to take this chance to let you see a bit more about our internal working. We have a board that is currently made up of 5 positions. We have a president, secretary, treasurer, VP External Relations and VP Human Resources. Next to these, also VP Public Relations is usually a position that is part of the board. But what does it mean to be part of the board? 


“Being part of the board is so much more than just the tasks you have to do on a day-to-day basis. It is enriching in a way that you discover how you function in a team, how to communicate clearly, how you have to solve last-minute problems, how to delegate,... things that you will never learn by just following your classes at our university. You learn more about yourself as a person and about how to handle certain things. Even taking the lead role in small or big projects! For me, BEST is a sandbox.”- Katrijn, President 2022-2023

If you are interested in adding some value to your time at Ghent university by joining us and discovering not only yourself but different cultures at the same time? Feel free to contact us via social media or email @bestghent or ghent@best-eu.org!