Andy Georges, Dries Buytaert and Lieven Eeckhout awarded the 2017 Most Influential OOPSLA Paper Award

(10-11-2017) On October 25, 2017 Andy Georges, Dries Buytaert and professor Lieven Eeckhout of the department of Electronics and Information Systems were awarded the 2017 Most Influential OOPSLA Paper Award.

Their article "Statistically Rigorous Java Performance Evaluation" was awarded because of the impact it has had over the 10 years after publication. The presentation took place on October 25th 2017 in Vancouver (Canada) during OOPSLA, the top conference on object-oriented programming languages, systems and applications.

Professor Lieven Eeckhout: "At the time of writing this article, there was no standard way to deal with non-determinism. Non-determinism in a computer system implies that when you perform the same experiment several times, the performance (the speed of execution) is (slightly) different each time. The way to deal with that was to report the best, the second-best, the worst, the median or the average of the different experiments - everyone had their own way. In this article we have shown that this can lead to misleading or even incorrect conclusions when comparing different systems with each other. The right way is to use statistics to make correct comparisons nonetheless non-determinism. "

The article was a source for a lot of further research and has since been quoted more than 400 times. "The research community has adopted this approach and is currently a de facto standard way to analyze experimental results," says professor Eeckhout.

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