Are we ready for even faster and better wireless networks?

(02-07-2021) In his PhD, Kamil Yavuz Kapusuz investigates how our wireless networks can become even faster and more efficient.

Reliable and high-performance wireless systems are at the heart of current and future technological (r)evolutions, such as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, self-driving cars and the 5G/6G wireless communication network.

Their ability to tap into new consumer markets by creating innovative new applications has led to a growing research interest within academia and industry worldwide.

The ever-increasing number of mobile users, the insatiable hunger for higher data rates and the need for invisible and instant integration introduce a wide range of challenges that cannot be solved by the current generation of wireless systems.

Therefore, in his PhD thesis, Kamil Yavuz Kapusuz investigates how new waveguide technologies and antennas can contribute to these challenges.

My research contributes to making wireless networks faster and more efficient', concludes Kamil Yavuz Kapusuz.


Title PhD: Innovative Substrate-Integrated-Waveguide-Based Antenna Systems for the Fifth-Generation Wireless Communication Network


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Contact: Kamil Yavuz Kapusuz - Research Group IDLab

Kamil Yavuz Kapusuz


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