Better electric cars in the future thanks to research Chenwei Ma?

(18-08-2021) Chenwei Ma's PhD research seeks solutions that can better predict how vehicle propulsion systems respond to permanent magnet synchronous motors.

The synchronous motor is an AC electric motor. The rotor (rotating part of the motor) rotates synchronously (or in phase) with the generated rotational field of the magnet in the motor.

Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) are used in numerous industrial applications. This type of motor is most commonly used when high energy efficiency, high energy density and therefore small volume are important, for example in the drive system of electric cars.

The properties of the electric drive system have an important impact on the operation of electric vehicles. Being able to predict how drives will react to the electric motor is therefore an essential part in the study to further improve the performance of electric vehicles.

"With this research work, I have developed solutions that contribute to better predicting how vehicle propulsion systems will respond to permanent magnet synchronous motors and thus to better electric vehicles in the future", Chenwei concludes.


PhD Title: Adaptive Solutions with Predictive Control for Salient-Pole Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine Drives


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