Better hearing aids in the future thanks to research by Sarineh Keshishzadeh

(30-06-2021) In her PhD Sarineh Keshishzadeh investigates whether AI can help to develop better diagnosis of different types of hearing disorders.

The number of people who have difficulty following conversations when there is background noise is increasing. Moreover, diagnosis of this type of hearing loss is not easy. This makes it difficult to develop hearing aids that allow you to keep hearing well even when there is a lot of background noise.

In this thesis Sarineh Keshishzadeh used artificial intelligence (machine learning) to make better diagnoses. And the results of this research are promising because the algorithms can be used to improve future hearing aids.

"This way, people with hearing disabilities will be able to follow conversations even when there is a lot of background noise", concludes Sarineh Keshishzadeh.

PhD title: ‘Physiology and Model-Based Methods for Precise Sensorineural Hearing-Loss Profiling and Personalized Auditory Models'

Contact:  Sarineh Keshishzadeh


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