Can parts become more durable by better predicting the effect of unevenness on friction?

(30-06-2021) In his PhD ‘Micro and Macro Finite Element Analyses of Fretting Fatigue' Qingming Deng investigates the influence of unevenness on fretting.

The phenomenon of fretting occurs when two objects come into contact and there are small vibrations. In the case of fretting fatigue friction occurs, which considerably shortens the life span of the parts. Such contact problems between two parts are common in industrial applications.

It is very difficult to predict the lifetime of parts. The structure of the material has an important influence on fretting fatigue. When there are irregularities or micro-cavities in the parts, the stress distribution is more complex.

The main objective of this thesis is to study the influence of different types of micro- and macro-structures of the component on fretting fatigue by means of numerical methods.

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Qingming Deng

Qingming Deng


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