Doctoral student Arnaud Devos wins Best Student Paper Award

(17-08-2018) The 13th QTNA Conference (Queuing Theory and Network Applications) took place in Tsukuba from 25-27 July. PhD student Arnaud De Vos received the "Best Student Paper Award" afterwards.

The title of his paper and presentation is "A Priority Retrial Queue with Constant Retrial Policy". In this paper, Arnaud generalized an existing model and also carried out a full analysis of the waiting times (which is the biggest contribution, I think, because this was not done yet).

Arnaud Devos: "We start from a queuing system with two types of customers (high and low priority), each with its own queue, and there is only one control station.If customers arrive in an empty system, they are immediately served.If the operator station is occupied on arrival , some go to the normal queue (high priority) while others go to the orbit (low priority) The front low priority customer can only be served if there are no high priority customers in the system, but for this he must first make an effort (the retrial), and if this has succeeded (no new customers have arrived during this retrial), he may be served.If failed, he will take place at the front of the low priority queue. "

This model mainly provides applications in call centers.

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