Extensive WiFi and laptop classes at the faculty


Since the end of last academic year, the connectivity in our faculty has been boosted.

The Department of Information and Communication Technology installed full WiFi capacity in auditorium A in the Plateau building and in the Faculty Council Hall in Zwijnaarde. The furniture arrangement in the faculty council room was also taken care of, which alows us to turn the room into a laptop class for a maximum of 70 students.

However, there is no power supply or wired internet for the students in either of the rooms. These facilities are now available in a number of smaller laptop classes in Zwijnaarde: two classes in iGent, and one in class 903. Students also find a limited number of outlets and wired internet connections in the student foyer in iGent.

In the coming years, the facilities, in particular Wi-Fi, will certainly be expanded further.

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