And the Groene Ruijter Award goes to... FRiS!

(21-05-2019) FRiS wins the 'Groene Ruijter Award' for the most sustainable project.

In the context of Making Tomorrow, students work together on sustainable projects for the duration of one academic year. At the end of that academic year, the Groene Ruijter is awarded to the most impressive project. This year, the students of FRiS (Facultaire Raad van Ingenieursstudenten) won unanimously!

The FRiS Sustainability Team of the EA faculty organized a large-scale survey on the integration of sustainability in engineering courses at UGent. Now, they are going to put these data into action. Because 84.4% of the students are convinced that their faculty has the responsibility to educate students on sustainability. Moreover, 53.5% of those students think that not enough attention is being paid to this. There is certainly room for improvement, within and outside the curriculum.

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