IDLab research group supports Smart Tooling project


Research group IDLab offers technological support within the subprojects of the Smart Tooling project, namely 'Inspection' and 'Drones' for wireless communication with robots and drones in often challenging environments (such as in liquids and within closed metal spaces).

Smart Tooling project

Within the Smart Tooling project, companies, knowledge institutions and sector organizations from Flanders and the South Netherlands are working together to develop new robot applications to make the process industry more cost-efficient and safer.


The project is divided into 4 subprojects:

  • Inspection: Development of robots for the inspection of chemical vessels and pipes for defects and corrosion in often extreme conditions (presence of chemically active substances, high pressures and temperatures).
  • Drones: Use of drones for inspecting difficult to reach installations, both in confined spaces and on the outside. The aim is to detect corrosion and perform wall thickness measurements faster and in a safer way.
  • Workshop: Increasing safety when performing leak detection tests (using very high pressures) by means of collaborative robots instead of human operators and the development of smart safety glasses with which instructions can be shown to a technician carrying out inspection or repair activities .
  • Cleaning: Development of a robot that can autonomously clean both confined spaces and surfaces. The robot must be able to recognize, loosen and remove the contamination.


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