In memoriam prof. Jan Vierendeels


Professor Jan Vierendeels was born in Dendermonde on November 27, 1968. At the age of 23 he obtained the degree of electromechanical engineering at Ghent University. He successfully completed civil engineering studies in aerospace engineering (1993) and specialized studies of biomedical and clinical engineering techniques (1996). Achieving the doctoral degree with the greatest distinction in Applied Sciences: electromechanical engineering in 1998 was an important step for his further academic career.

He started his career at Ghent University as an assistant in 1992. In 2002 he was appointed as an assistant professor in the field of Numerical Simulation in Flow, Heat and Combustion. In 2008 he promoted to full professor in the same field, in 2014 he promoted to senior full professor. Since 2011 he was chairman of the department of Mechanics of Flow, Heat and Combustion.

Professor Vierendeels was recognized as a passionate and gifted teacher. He taught numerous courses such as Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Flow Teaching, Transport Phenomena, Turbomachines, Aircraft, etc. In his courses he mastered the link to his research interests, such as fluid-wall interaction and the aerodynamic stability of wing profiles. For that research, he also won various prizes. Among the most important are the International Prize Iwan Åckerman, administered by the FWO, for his work "Flow calculations in two-dimensional complex moving geometries with prescribed movement of the structure and fluid-structure interaction".

With his passing, the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture loses a strong scientist who could link theoretical research with applied industrial research and who could convey the love for the profession to his students. The faculty is extremely grateful to him for what he has meant and will remember him permanently as an astute scientist, an inspiring teacher, a mediating personality, a loyal team player and an always constructively coaching promoter.

There will be a commemorative book at the dean's office of the faculty from the 4th till the 30th of June, which will then be handed over to the family. Texts and possibly photos can also be sent electronically to

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