Less risk of flood casualties thanks to research by Hanne Glas

(12-05-2021) During her PhD research, Hanne Glas developed a method to better map the flood risks of 'small island developing states'.

In her PhD 'Flood risk mapping for all: a generic methodology for flood risk assessment for the Small Island Developing States', she developed a method that calculates the risk of human and material damage by flooding in the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in a generic, user-friendly and affordable way.

The SIDS are a group of low-lying, densely populated coastal areas with an extremely high vulnerability to natural disasters, the most common of which is flooding. Even though many research projects in the past decades have searched for adequate methods to determine flood risk, these researched techniques cannot be applied in vulnerable development areas such as the SIDS. Existing tools are based on large amounts of detailed, location-specific input data, which makes them impossible to use in data-poor areas such as the SIDS.

Hanne Glas: "This PhD contributes to a better understanding of risk and potential damage from natural disasters. This will allow vulnerable countries to make better use of the limited resources they have and limit the impact of future disasters."

Hanne Glas (Department of Civil Engineering) completed her Master's degree in Industrial Sciences - Land Surveying at the Hogeschool Gent in 2013. After working as a GIS consultant for half a year, Hanne started her PhD in Industrial Sciences at Ghent University in May 2014. In addition to her research activities, she worked as a lecturer at the Industrial Engineering - Land Surveying programme.

Hanne Glas


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More information: Hanne Glas, hanne.glas@ugent.be, 0494 22 11 32


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