Lieven Eeckhout has been awarded a Fellow from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


Foto Lieven Eeckhout (vergrote weergave)Professor Lieven Eeckhout can call himself an IEEE Fellow from 2018 onwards.

He is recognized for his contribution to performance analysis and modeling in computer architecture. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the largest professional association worldwide dedicated to promoting technological innovation and excellence for humanity. For the highest degree, Fellow Member, only IEEE members with extraordinary earnings are nominated. A great honor and an important career achievement!

Lieven Eeckhout has made some excellent research contributions in the analysis and modeling of computer architecture performance. Performance analysis and modeling is a discipline that is crucial for computer systems and architecture. We need to design and build our simulators, benchmarks and analysis tools correctly and we need to measure and analyze our results accurately , otherwise experimental research and development can lead to incorrect and misleading conclusions and ineffective optimizations. These tools are crucial for our understanding of both the problems and the solutions.

The unique scientific work of Lieven Eeckhout has set the standard for the discipline and has changed the best practices in academia and industry, improving the accuracy and efficiency of architecture and systems exploration. Lieven Eeckhout has developed in particular methodologies for systematic workload characterization, statistically rigorous performance evaluation, analytical processor performance modeling and architectural simulation.

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