Professor Luc Taerwe receives Shanghai Science & Technology Award

(03-06-2020) Professor Luc Taerwe, Director of the China Platform at Ghent University, is one of the recipients of the 2019 Shanghai Science & Technology Awards.

Belgian engineer Luc Taerwe is Director of the China Platform at Ghent University in Belgium, a platform established to facilitate the university’s academic interaction with Chinese universities and organizations. He received an award for deepening international exchange and cooperation between China and other countries. The award is a symbol of his remarkable efforts and expertise. 

2019 Shanghai Science & Technology Awards

A total of 308 scientific breakthroughs and distinguished researchers were honored at an awards ceremony at the Shanghai Exhibition Center in Jing’an district. The 2019 awards, for the first time, allowed scientists based overseas to compete directly with locals. Also, renowned foreign scientists were invited to be judges and encouraged to nominate projects. “We have changed our outlook from simply recognizing foreign scientists based in Shanghai to rewarding those who have made, or are making, great contributions to the scientific life of Shanghai, no matter where they are,” said Han Yuanjian, an official of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. Among the nominees, 37 projects involved foreign scientists from 11 countries and regions, including the UK, France and Japan. In 2006, Shanghai introduced an international cooperation category into the Shanghai Science and Technology Awards to honor foreign scientists for their involvement in local projects. So far, nearly 30 expats have won such awards.


Source: Flemish-China Chamber of Commerce