New and important research results for better prevention of cardiovascular diseases

(05-07-2021) In her PhD Daimé Campos Arias examines the impact of ageing on the blood flow of supplying arteries and arrives at new and important research results on this subject.

Ageing is associated with adverse changes in blood flow, which influence the development of various cardiovascular diseases.

Many of these changes and their association with the risk of cardiovascular disease can be explained by the impact of ageing on the propagation of pulse pressure waves in the supply arteries.

It is therefore of primary importance to study the effects of ageing on blood flow circulation (hermodynamics) and the function of the supplying arteries (arterial function), which is also important in cardiovascular prevention.

This dissertation deepens the insight in the properties of the supplying arteries and the propagation of pulse pressure waves, as wel as the influence of ageing on this.

These results are new, important (differing depending on whether you are male or female) and some are unexpected (e.g. population studies with a different design lead to different outcomes).

"My research highlights the need for well-designed long-term studies that take into account gender and differences in exposure to environmental factors, socio-economic factors and lifestyle in different populations and generations," concludes Daimé.


PhD title: Impact of Ageing on Arterial Physiology and Hemodynamics: Insights from 1D Modelling and In Vivo Data


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Contact: Daimé Campos Arias - Research Group bioMMeda

Daimé Campos Arias


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