Rector UGent awarded AIG Engineer of the Year 2018 Award to Annick De Poorter

(28-05-2018) Engineer Annick De Poorter was proclaimed as AIG Engineer of the Year 2018 at Ghent City Hall on 28 May 2018 by the AIG alumni association and the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University.

Annick De Poorter was one of the 18 nominees and received the prize from the hands of the Rector of Ghent University, Rik Van de Walle.

Annick De Poorter is R & D director at Ontex. In the past few years she has realized a number of innovations that resulted in sustainable products, fewer materials and more efficient logistics during production at Ontex. The jury consisted of dean Patrick De Baets, several professors from the faculty and board members of AIG.

Durable tampons and lighter products

Since ecology, sustainability and a 'healthy lifestyle' are central values to Ontex, the company has focused on innovations to support more sustainable consumption and production. These investments have resulted, among other things, in the organic tampon range, made on the basis of organic cotton and with a bio-plastic applicator based on sugar cane.

In Europe, Turkey, Mexico, Ontex launched the Flexfit diaper that is thinner and more comfortable for the baby. Ontex also created in 2018 a lighter version of iD, one of their main incontinence brands.

AIG Engineer of the Year Award

The Alumni Association AIG (Alumni Engineers UGent) and the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture will award the AIG Engineer of the Year Award from 2018 onwards. In this way they honor a deserving alumnus or alumna who recently realized an important innovation or achievement in his / her company or institution and / or made a significant social contribution.

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