Repositioning UGent Campus Kortrijk leads to new and unique training courses for engineers

(04-05-2018) The UGent Campus Kortrijk wants to work even more closely with the region and industry. Together with the already existing direction of industrial design, two brand new training courses for industrial engineers are offered.

The new training programs focus specifically on prospective students with an interest in science and technology. They welcome students who like to be creative and hands-on and want to put theory into practice. Starting in the next academic year, they can opt for training courses in machine production automation (electromechanics), circular bioprocess technology and industrial design.

Since the three new routes are only organized in Kortrijk, the UGent Campus Kortrijk aims at students from all over Flanders.

Rector Rik Van de Walle: "West Flanders is our laboratory for collaboration with companies and other knowledge institutions. If we succeed in getting more West Flemish people to go to university and, moreover, attract students from all over Flanders and even internationally, we will enrich the region with talent. "

Lab lessons and projects to work out individually or in multidisciplinary teams are already part of the curriculum from the start. Entrepreneurship and contact with the business community are also discussed. The new options better meet the demands of the companies for graduates with the right profile.

Creative microcosm

It is no coincidence that these unique training courses are organized at the UGent Campus Kortrijk. Innovation and creativity in form and content, in addition to the personal guidance of students, make this campus a fascinating microcosm that can quickly respond to changes in the business world.

From 2019 Campus Kortrijk is building a new research center, VEG-i-TEC, with state-of-the-art laboratories for the processing of vegetables and potatoes, from harvested to packed product. Ideal for the industrial engineers of circular bioprocess technology that mainly focus on the processing from biological raw materials to foodstuffs or biofuels.

The strategic research center for the manufacturing industry, Flanders Make, will soon be located in Kortrijk. With the trajectory of machine and production automation, UGent wants to strengthen the link with this booming business. These industrial engineers combine electrical, mechanical and programmable electronic components to build automated machines and intelligent production environments.

Industrieel design wants to deliver graduates who ensure innovation within companies through project-based design education. Kortrijk recently received the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) label, an international recognition for its long-standing tradition of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. This training is still completely in place.

You will find all information about the unique engineer profiles on the info days of the UGent Campus Kortrijk (2 July from 4 pm to 8 pm or 1 September from 9 am to 12 noon)

You can already pre-register for one of these educational programs via

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