VTK builds multipurpose student building

(07-04-2021) In a few years, the civil and industrial engineering students will move to Campus Ardoyen/Tech Lane. As the faculty’s main student association, VTK is taking initiative to build a multipurpose student hub on the site.

The already existing facilities of Campus Ardoyen will be supplemented with a multipurpose hall, storage space, meeting rooms and student association rooms where the various student organisations active at the faculty can establish their headquarters.

With this building, VTK not only wants to ensure the necessary student facilities, but also wants to take a step in the direction of making Tech Lane a vibrant, dynamic campus. The architecture and infill of the building is focused on openness, innovation and sustainability, values that VTK finds of paramount importance.

The preparatory work started in september 2019. The intention is to take the building into use at the beginning (oktober) of the academic year 2022.