Dr. Xiepeng Sun received the IAFSS Best Thesis Award – Region Asia Pacific

(07-02-2023) Xiepeng Sun (joint PhD USTC – UGent) wins prestigious 3-yearly 'Best thesis award' of IAFSS (International Association for Fire Safety Science)

Xiepeng Sun performed his PhD research on ‘Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Ejected Facade Flame Behavior from Compartment Fires under Different Ventilation Conditions’ under the joint supervision of professor Longhua Hu (USTC) and professor Bart Merci (Ghent University) and obtained a joint PhD degree from both institutes. The quality of the work was recognized by IAFSS (the International Association for Fire Safety Science), granting dr. Sun the prestigious 3-yearly Best Thesis Award (Region Asia Pacific). USTC is an associated partner institute of the IMFSE program, coordinated by Ghent University.

IAFSS Best Thesis Award “Excellence in Research”

The IAFFSS Best Thesis Award recognises the best research thesis at PhD and Masters levels, in all the fields related to fire safety science and engineering. There are three such Awards for the three IAFSS regions, Europe and Africa, Americas, as well as Asia and Oceania.

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