FEA Research Symposium 2018




The 18th edition of the FEA Research Symposium welcomes you! The organizing committee, consisting of researchers from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University, are pleased to invite you to a stimulating event that revolves around the exchange of research results from our many disciplines.

The 18th FEA Research Symposium will take place at Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, Ghent, on Tuesday the 6th of February 2018. Admission is completely free but for practical reasons registration is necessary (both for authors and ordinary participants).

Download here the booklet 2018 and view the pictures here.

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Programme 2018




Registration and sandwiches

12u45 - 13u30

Opening of the symposium – Pitches 
13u30 - 15u30 Workshops

15u30 - 16u45

Coffee and poster sessions 
16u45 - 17u45 Keynote by Nell Watson
17u45 - 18u00 Best Paper/Pitch Awards & Closing Speech 
18u00 Reception


Registration is now open.

Keynote by Nell Watson

Crytomics - A smarter, kinder and trustworthy way to build a better world.

This talk explores the latest developments in Machine Intelligence, Blockchain and the emerging discipline of Machine Ethics. The confluence of these three domains is creating revolutionary new ways of organising society and building trust between individuals and institutions. This can enable a massive increase in global human wellbeing in the coming decade - if we get it right.

Organisation 2018

Following doctoral students try to meet all your wishes with all their enthusiasm:

  • Alexandra Bouriakova
  • Femke De Backere
  • Kevin Dekemele
  • Brigitte Devocht
  • Simon Houwen
  • Jeroen Lauwaert
  • Laurence De Meyst
  • Femke Ongenae
  • Jonathan Spruytte
  • Gieljan Vantyghem
  • Leen Veldeman
  • Bram Vervisch
  • Davood Zeinali


The organization is fully supported by the faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Ghent University, represented by:

  • Patrick De Baets, Dean
  • Luc Dupré, Committee for Scientific Research
  • Filip De Turck and Leen Veldeman, PR-Commission


Ask? Suggestions? Send an email to symposium.ea@UGent.be.


We would like to thank all our sponsors for their support.


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