- Organiser: Alexandra Dervenis

How do I grab and hold students’ attention during class? How do I set the rules and create an appropriate learning setting? Participating in this workshop will provide you with practical tips on how to keep students focused and motivated, how to keep order and discipline in your classroom and how to include a variety of learning activities. We’ll go through good practice examples and group discussions to determine what really makes the difference between a class and a great class.


- Organiser: Koen Van den Eeckhout of Baryon (

Infographics and data visualizations are the perfect tools to present complex information in an understandable and elegant way. In this workshop, we will look at the crucial elements for a successful visualization, and you will get tips and tools to turn your own research into an attractive visual masterpiece.


- Organisers: Steve Stevens & Davy Vercruyse (

During this workshop, you will learn the principles of pitching your research and how you can apply this technique to communicate a message quickly, clearly and effectively. This might seem very simple, especially when it comes to a topic close to your heart. Let that be precisely the difficulty! Because just by your expertise and knowledge, you automatically tend to speak in jargon. Through your love for what you do, you would also like to tell for hours and you would prefer to give all the important details. This topic might be easy for you, but for listeners, it is not always obvious. Your research topic can really be something unique. The terminology therefore unknown.

Explaining your research in one minute is an art. Pitching is a technique that can be used in various circumstances and that can help to clarify the relevance of your research. The elevator pitch, obliges you to reveal the essence in understandable language.

During this interactive workshop, we will identify why a good pitch you can really help, what pitching is and how you can do it, to whom, where and when. We teach you the essentials of a good pitch and let you build your own pitch, you will practice several times.


- Organiser: Dimitri Verhoye (Smart A'DVice)

Do you consider networking as a 'necessary evil' in today's academia and wider world? Networking may make you feel uncomfortable because you find it difficult, unnecessary or just for extroverts... However, do you know how networking can help you boost your career? Are you conscious about the network you already have, and the way in which you can use and strengthen it?

Networking is thé critical key for building a successful career, both within and outside the academia. Therefore,  this interactive workshop will give you an overview and hands-on exercises on the what, why & how of networking.


- Organisers: By FEA post-docs

Sessions for junior doctoral researchers (less than 2 years of experience) are concentrating on the participants’ research experiences and the day-by-day problems encountered. Within each parallel session, active participants give a 3-minute presentation to briefly present their research and highlight the issues they are dealing with, in order to trigger the discussion afterwards.We have accommodated each parallel discussion session with a number of postdocs from different departments. Because of their experience in obtaining a PhD, they have the perfect profile to warn starting researchers for the pitfalls they are and will be facing. Their job is to guide the interaction among presenting researchers and the supportive audience that is encouraged to take part in the discussion.