Leadership in times of change

by Filip Maertens

A crisis is often called the best time for innovation. However, game changing innovations are never achieved under a lack of adequate leadership. Hierarchical models have continued to break down after industrial revolutions, while democratic and team-models are found too slow to drive innovation. Surviving the many challenges many organizations face are only overcome by demonstrating bold and true leadership.
While many studies have been devoted to the various aspects of leaderships styles, most remain only viable when applied in stable and artificial environments. Today, true leaders emerge by being fearless about change and having the will-power to execute on their promise.
By taking well communicated, but often brutal decisions, contemporary leaders build thriving companies and continue to disrupt traditional markets while traditional players perish. Nokia losing terrain against Apple, Microsoft against Google and many more illustrate that the key to success is relentless execution of a vision while employing virtually military tactics to lead your team and company to success.
This workshop will highlight some contemporary and emerging leadership styles and hereby take a unique take what we can learn from hustlers, startup founders and warfare tactics.


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