Information for master thesis students Fluid Mechanics

Where are the slides of the thesis kickoff meeting?



Where is the template for the (intermediate) presentations?

You can find this template here.

What should the presentation of the interim defense contain?

Your presentation has to contain the following components:

  • Introduction and purpose of your master thesis
  • Goals
  • Results of the first months
  • Schedule for the following months

Can we purchase a paper on our own?

No, if you find an interesting paper which you want to buy, you should contact your counsellor.

Is there a master thesis layout that we should follow writing our thesis?

On the website of our faculty you can find more information.

What about the extended abstract?

According to the faculty rules, you have to include an extended abstract in your master thesis (counting between 2 and 6 pages). We ask to write 6 pages in double column format. You can find a template for this paper here.

What should a literature study contain?

A literature study should give a critical overview of the current state-of-the-art of the subject you are working on. If possible you should discuss the links and differences between the papers you mention. It should also stress the shortcomings of the existing research in order to define the objectives of your master thesis.

How do we have to hand in our master thesis?

You have to hand in 3 hard copies of our master thesis. You may hand in your hard copies to your supervisor or counsellor. You need to upload the electronic version (PDF) on Plato.