Fluid mechanics


In this group, the focus is on fluid-structure interaction (FSI).


Tenured Academic Staff

Retired Academic Staff

  • Erik Dick (Mach-uniform algorithms, transition models)

Visiting Professor


  • Alireza Rasekh (Thermal study of axial flux permanent magnet synchronous machines)

PhD students

  • Nicolas Boutet (Analytical study of multi-secant quasi-Newton methods for optimization problems, RMA)
  • Federico Canè (Fluid-structure interaction simulations of heart valves)
  • Jimmy Colliers (Wind-structure interactions of tensile surface structures, VUB)
  • Lucas Delcour (Fluid-structure interaction simulation of the dynamic behavior of a flexible cylinder in supersonic flow)
  • Toon Demeester (Calculating free-surface flow using fluid-structure interaction techniques)
  • Laurent De Moerloose (Two-phase fluid-structure interaction simulations of flow-induced vibration in steam generators and heat exchangers)
  • Henri Dolfen (Fluid-structure interaction simulations and uncertainty quantification of flow-induced vibration in tube bundles)
  • Navaneeth Kodunthirappully Narayanan (Computational analysis of fluid-structure interaction in wind engineering)
  • Gilberto Santo (Fluid-structure interaction simulations of wind turbines with composite blades)
  • Kelbij Star (Development of reduced order CFD models for the application of uncertainty quantification, SCK-CEN)
  • Jolan Wauters (Computational shape optimisation of aerodynamic structures)