Best Paper Award at LDAC2020

Source: Unsplash - Ivan Henao. (large view)

Source: Unsplash - Ivan Henao.

(23-06-2020) Best Paper Award for "Pattern-based access control in a decentralised collaboration environment" at LDAC 2020.

Projects in the construction industry are decentral almost by definition: a complex network of actors influences a built asset at all stages of its life cycle, from design over renovation to demolition. To improve information exchange between those stakeholders over the different phases of a project, the ConSolid project aims to leverage web technologies such as the SOLID ecosystem in order to decentralise and modularise building project management. In order to facilitate complex access control schemas in such networks, we developed a pattern-based access control system, focusing on a visitor’s properties rather than their identity. This research was presented by our PhD researcher Jeroen Werbrouck (FWO) at the LDAC2020 workshop, where it was granted the Best Paper Award for its combination of novel and established web technologies into one framework.

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The ConSolid project is funded by FWO Flanders as a PhD grant for Strategic Basic Research.