Best Paper Award at the Global IoT Summit 2017.

(02-08-2017) Pieter Simoens from IDLab together with co-authors from Carnegie Mellon University, Google and Intel, have received a Best Paper Award at the Global Internet of Things Summit 2017 in Geneve, Switzerland.

The article "Cloudlet-based Just-in-Time Indexing of IoT Video" presents a novel approach to tackle the challenges of scalability and searchability in the ever-growing amount of video that is being uploaded by cameras proliferated in our environment. Scalability is improved by performing video analytics on cloudlets at the edge of the Internet, and only shipping extracted index information and meta-data to the cloud. The authors have developed the concept of interactive data exploration, which refers to human-in-the-loop content-based retrospective search using predicates that may not have been part of any prior indexing. 

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