Highly cited paper in “Optical Switching and Networking” journal

(20-12-2016) A paper authored by IDLab researchers is amongst the 5 papers published in 2013 in "Optical Switching and Networking" receiving most citations.

The paper is entitled "Flexible TDMA/WDMA passive optical network: Energy efficient next-generation optical access solution".

Network operators are among the companies consuming the largest amount of electrical energy. The largest fraction of their energy consumption is situated in the access network infrastructure.

As Internet traffic keeps growing, access network infrastructures are gradually turning into all-optical access networks where eventually optical fibers will go into each home. Whereas deployments today typically use the time domain to multiplex the traffic of different customers, in next-generation deployments also the wavelength domain will be exploited in order to deal with the ever growing traffic volumes (this is also called hybrid TWDM PONs).

In this paper, a novel architectural hybrid TWDM flavor is proposed. Besides the typical engineering of cost vs. reach trade-off, also an energy saving algorithm is proposed in order to reduce as much as possible the energy consumption of such networks.