Jozef Plateau and Leo Baekeland awards


On Tuesday June 25th, the final took place in the fire station of Ghent for the Jozef Plateau award and the Leo Baekeland award, that each year are given to the best master theses of the previous year, the Jozef Plateau prize for Masters of Science in Engineering, and the Leo Baekeland prize for the Masters of Science industrial sciences.

The winners of this edition are:

  • Jozef Plateau award: Stijn Poelman and Stijn Cuyvers: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering: Electronic Circuits and Systems 2018,  with their thesis “Photonic-Enabled On-Chip Antenna System for Next-Generation Wireless Communication” – Promotoren: Prof. Hendrik Rogier – Prof. Bart Kuyken
  • Leo Baekeland award: Gilles Vanbossel and Matthijs De Clercq: Master of Science in de industriële wetenschappen: elektronica-ICT: elektronica 2018 with their theses “Ku-Band Phased Array Antenna System for Next-Generation Avionic Satellite Communications” – Promotoren: Prof. Hendrik Rogier – dr. ir. Sam Lemey.

During the jury deliberation, a tour was given in the fire station with special attention to the ultra modern dispatching that was opened last month.

On the picture you can see the finalists, jury members, president AIG and the dean FEA.