Vacancy: PhD researcher high performance and reliable software networks

(07-03-2017) We would like to point your attention to an interesting job opening at Ghent University - IDLab. We have a vacant PhD position to do research in the field of high performance and reliable software networks.

Last decade telecommunication networks have undergone a massive change in the way they provide their service. Where in the old days, telecommunication networks were characterized by rigid protocols, and hardware devices strongly regulated by the big vendors in the field, current telecom network is controlled by rapidly changing software mechanisms (Software Defined Networking or SDN) and network traffic handling (e.g., network packet analysis) such as can be handled very efficiently on commodity servers in datacenters (Network Function Virtualization or NFV). As a result, network services theoretically can be deployed on demand in a very cheap manner in the cloud. These evolutions, together with an increasing support for high-speed wireless network access (5G) introduce new possibilities, but also significant research challenges for future telecommunication networks and applications. Software-based, virtualized networks are a two-sided sword, with flexibility and agility on one side, and uncertain reliability/performance on the other side. Although new network services or control mechanisms can be rapidly developed in software and deployed on virtual machines or containers, it is an open challenge to ensure that these efforts will result into highly available networks/services, producing maximal performance with minimal resources in dynamically changing environments. Network software verification mechanisms are required to ensure correct operation. Network service monitoring and performance profiling mechanisms are needed to estimate and guarantee performance on dynamically changing hardware platforms as well as on changing network and service load. These research efforts will need to reconcile the state of the art in software engineering, network control, and (machine learning) techniques for performance optimization.

Job Description

You perform research in the domain of Future Internet Technologies:

  • You are conducting research on the design and evaluation of network programming mechanisms for softwarized telecommunication services
  • You are performing scientific evaluation of control and verification mechanisms through simulation and proof-of-concept prototypes
  • You will be part of a stimulating international environment of researchers
  • You publish and present results both at International conferences and in scientific journals
  • The research leads to a PhD degree. Throughout the complete PhD period, you receive a full-time, attractive salary.


  • You have a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Informatics, ICT or Electronics.
  • You have a strong interest in software engineering and provable experience with programming
  • You are knowledgeable in traditional procedural/OOP environments (e.g., C/C++ or Python), or functional programming techniques (e.g., Haskell)
  • You have some experience with modern software development tools such as version control (Git, Mercurial), Integrated Development environments (e.g., Emacs) and test methodologies (e.g., build server, unit testing, integration testing, etc.), and/or automation frameworks such as Maven, Puppet, Chef, etc.
  • Experience or interest in Software-Defined Networks (e.g., Ryu) and/or virtualization platforms (e.g., Kubernetes) is a plus.
  • You have an eye for optimal design, and are eager to get the best results
  • You feel comfortable in applying or adapting mathematical models or proofs, when needed
  • You can plan and carry out your tasks in an independent way.
  • You have strong analytical skills to interpret the obtained research results.
  • You are a responsible, communicative and flexible person.
  • You are a team player.
  • You respect the predetermined milestones in research projects.
  • Your English is fluent, both speaking and writing.

Our offer

We offer a challenging, stimulating and pleasant research environment, where you can contribute to the worldwide research for the Future Internet. The work is done in close collaboration with key European ICT and telecom industry players.

Interested ?

Send your motivation letter and CV to, indicating “Application: PhD researcher – High performance & reliable software networks” in the subject.


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