Piet Demeester obtains Methusalem funding for long term research on next generation wireless networks (SHAPE).

Photo by Thomas Millot on Unsplash (large view)

Photo by Thomas Millot on Unsplash

(18-01-2021) Piet Demeester has received Methusalem funding for the project SHAPE: Next Generation Wireless Networks.

 In this research project the Principle Investigator (PI, Piet Demeester) and his research team (IDLab) will address the following key question.

How can we provide fiber-like wireless connectivity for stationary and moving objects with the following characteristics: extremely high bitrate of 1 Tbit/s, very low end-to-end latency of <<1 ms and radio latency of <10 ns, 99.99999% reliability, extreme volumetric density gain with respect to today’s networks (factor 100 in bit/Hz/m3/J).

The research will be based on optically interconnected Large Intelligent Surfaces at very high frequencies (up to 350 GHz) and will make use of advanced machine learning techniques for system design optimisation and electromagnetic field control.

Methusalem laureates at Ghent University